HR Models 1/72 resin Nieuport 25


By Bob Pearson




The rarest of the Nieuport family must be the Nieuport 25. Exact number built are unknown, but there was at least one - N5324. This was flown by Charles Nungesser and possibly given 'his' number N1895, which was also carried by other of his aircraft. The Nieuport 25 was a more powerful variant of the Nieuport line, fitted with a 200hp Clerget. The most noticeable feature being the larger chord of the cowl compared to the rest of the Ni17-27 line.

the kit

The kit consists of resin parts as well as decals for Nungesser's aircraft

The fuselage has stringer detail molded in place, unfortunatley one half of my sample was broken as can be seen in the scan. Easy enough to fix.

The wings have the reshaped wingtip/ailerons oif the NI24/25. The ribs are nicely done without the usual hills and valleys, however the trailing edges can stand a little sanding to reduce their thickness.

One part that I have been asked about is the cowl and yes Matt, it is wider than that of other Nieuport kits. . however the undercarriage struts appear to be of earlier Ni.24, and not the faired ones fitted to the Ni.25.

Other parts include: Vickers guns, propellor, seat, struts, tailplane and fin/rudder, wheels, engine.

Decals are provided for Nungesser's NI.25 as well as a Ni.17bis. However wings, cowl and tail surfaces will need to be scrounged from any of the available Ni17 kits to do so.

Instructions consist of five-view drawings, ne view of which shows Nungesser's marking placement.


For all but the truly AMS afflicted this kit of the Ni.25 will do. The u/c struts need replacing, but everything else seems fine.

My sample was acquired from VAMP Mail Order.

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