Modelkrak 1/72 Russian "Austin" WW1 Armored Car

By Matt Bittner


Unfortunately, as with the First Series Austin as previewed last month, I have no history for this machine that's written in English.  I truly hope, someday, that someone translates the superb book on early Russian armored cars from Cyrillic into English.

The Kit

The Modelkrak Russian "Austin" consists of approximately 29 parts.  I say approximately because contents appear to change from kit to kit.  I don't see this as a problem, just something to be aware of.  Instructions are poor and photographic help should be found when assembling this kit.

Like its cousin, the "First Series" Austin, this is a beautiful kit - one that shouldn't take too long to assemble.  The most difficult part will be removing the parts from their pour blocks.  Assembly is definitely straightforward and should be relatively easy.  Surface detail is superb.


The Modelkrak armored cars are works of art.  With some care and patience you will be rewarded with an exceptional representation of the Russian WW1 armored cars.  Very highly recommended.

Modelkrak's armored cars are available from Roll Models.


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