Revell 1/25 'Bullitt' 1968 Mustang

By Michael Benolkin


The movie entitled 'Bullitt' starred Steve McQueen as San Francisco Police Detective Frank Bullitt. Released in 1968, it featured one of the best car-chase scenes of the day and is still regarded as a benchmark in the industry.

Bullitt's 'ride' is a brand new 1968 Ford Mustang powered by a four-barrel 390 engine with a four-speed transmission. Many of the chase scenes in this movie were staged at well over 110 MPH (which was impressive in 1968).

The Kit

Revell has continued its development of pre-decorated cars, with some spectacular NASCAR subjects leading the way. Revell has also forged ahead with its metal body series (pun intended) and this release marks an impressive combination of pre-decorated metal body subjects.

The kit is comprised of an injection-molded plastic interior and chassis. The plastic is molded in black, with one tree chrome plated and the part making up the exhaust system pre-painted dull silver.

The body and hood are die-cast metal with a beautiful paint job accurate-looking Highland Green exterior. The headlight and taillight lenses are already installed, the chrome trim on the body already completed and even the California license plates in-place. What you are seeing in these photos is exactly how the metal body comes out of the box. The hood is cast seperately.

The kit is rounded out with four rubber tires that are mounted onto American Torq-Thrust wheels.

Assembly is straightforward with simple snap and glue construction. The actual assembly of the car will take little time. You'll get an impressive kit built straight out of the box. If you take a little extra time and paint and detail the interior and chassis, the results will be spectacular, and all without the stress of trying to get that perfect body finish!


Revell is certainly turning out some cool car kits, and this one is certainly no exception. With the flawless finish on the body, much of the stress of building car kits is removed. The only thing you need to decide is how much attention to detail you'd like to do with this project. Of course, the first stop is off to the video rentals to find a copy of 'Bullitt' and do some research…

My sincere thanks to Revell-Monogram for this review sample!

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