RVHP 1/72 Resin Austin AFT3 Osprey Triplane

by Bob Pearson



One of the more recognizable aircraft types of the First World War would have to be the triplane. Most people are aware of the Red Baron's Fokker Dr.I or Raymond Collishaw's Sopwith Triplane, however there were numerous others both before and after those mentioned. Among the last to be tested were the Sopwith Snark and the subject of this review – the Austin Osprey. However they were beaten by the Sopwith Snipe and Martinsyde Buzzard and never entered series production.

the kit

Molded in the now familiar tan resin, the kit consists of 21 resin parts, plus two lengths of preshaped metal 'Strutz' (or similar) and a decal sheet for the protoype Austin Osprey - X15. The resin is well cast and I can find no trace of bubbles or sinkholes in my sample

The fuselage is in one piece with the cockpit hollowed out from below. Unlike most kits, it has the distinctive 'Sopwith' style upturned rear deck at the leading edge of the tailplane as well as delicately scribed panel lines. The lower wing sits nicely in place, although a little putty will be required.

The wings themselves are commendably thin with light rib and riblet detail. Strut locators are indented in the correct locations.

The remainder of the kit parts consist of engine, wheels, undercarriage struts, Vickers guns, cowl, propellor, axle spreader, joystick, rudder bar, tailskid, tailplane and rudder.

Instructions are in the form of an exploded drawings as well as a four-view cross-hatched drawing showing the prototype X-15.


This is a well-done kit of an aircraft I never expected to see in kit form. RVHP has done a fine job on their Osprey and I look forward to future releases. To show how much I like this kit, I have announced on the WW1 List that I may actually build it instead of all those ships I have been doing of late !!!!!

My thanks to Lubos Vinar of VAMP Mail Order for the review sample

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