Samek 1/700 German Light Cruiser Konigsberg

by Bob Pearson


When Germany began to rebuild its navy, it started with the light cruiser Emden which was little more than an enlarged versions of its WW1 designs. Emden was followed by more modern designs such as the three 'K' Class cruisers: Karlsruhe, Koln – and the subject of this review – the Konigsberg. All three had a novel main armament layout – three triple turrets arranged one forward of the bridge on the centreline, and two aft staggered to either side of the centreline.

Launched in 1937, Konigsberg was to have a short life, being sunk by Fleet Air Arm Sea Skuas on 10 April 1940 during the Norwegian campaign. 16 of them flew from the Orkney Islands to attack the German ships in Bergen harbour (one turned back). Arriving at daybreak, they attacked Konigsberg in line astern. Konigsberg was hit by three bombs, exploded and sank. The wreck was refloated in 1943 and placed in dry-dock, but was later abandoned and broken up in September 1944.

The Kit

Hot on the heels of the Samek Nurnberg, comes their kit of the Konigsberg. If anything I would say it is even better detailed – although it still requires one to dig into the spares box for the smaller armament.

All parts are in a light tan resin with no evidence of sinkholes or bubbles. The hull has the main deck superstructure, bollards, portholes, doors and turret rings molded in place. These are all nicely done. The hull also has the upper level of the armour belt in place.

Moving on to the various superstructure components: These are very nicely done with commendably thin bridge wings/dodgers/whatever on all the bridge levels. There is also a large open deck to place on the midships area of the hull, this will allow painting of otherwise difficult areas.

The remainder of the resin parts are for the funnels, turrets, gun barrels, torpedo tubes, range finders, boats.

A small fret of PE is included with anchors, cranes and davits. No rails are included.

Instructions consist of an exploded drawing showing all the parts, and an internal drawings with hull sections.


Another well done, basic kit by Samek. The addition of some PE rails will do wonders to it. The use of Skywave small calibre weapons is also an idea.

My kit was acquired from VAMP mail order, although they aren't part of his normal stock, Lubos Vinar can special order them. Please note they do take time for him to get them in stock.

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