Reader's Gallery: Meet Tony from AlClad

Recently I was contacted by the owner of AlClad showing some models done using his product. I'll let Tony explain further . . .

MD-11 this is the Hasegawa kit. I built it from the box,painted the wings,tail and rear nacelles-masked them off then sprayed the fuselage Humbrol gloss black. When this had dried for a day I sprayed Alclad Chrome over the black. I put the kit decals on without any setting solutions,after they were dry I breathed on the fuselage-the condensation from your breath is enough to wipe away the 'decal gunge' with a soft cloth.

F-104 this is a Revell 1/32nd kit. Again I painted the wings,exhaust/engine area and radome first,masked them off and then sprayed the fuselage gloss black enamel ready for the chrome. I've painted and marked this model to represent the C.O.'s machine of the 4510th CCTW at Luke AFB where the Luftwaffe pilots were trained-there is a picture in Wings of Fame Vol. 2 page 92.

T-33 this is the HobbyCraft kit with Leading Edge decals. Unfortunately you can see the upper surface of the wings as I used 4 shades there,the plane was painted Aluminium overall with Dural and White Aluminium panels.

P-51 this is a Tamiya 1/48th kit. I painted the plane Aluminium overall,then picked out panels with Dural,Dark Aluminium and White Aluminium. The decals are from an Aeromaster sheet.

"I forgot the most important bit! When I did the P-51,T-33 and the rear of the F-104 I used grey auto primer before I used the regular Alclad."

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