Profile Morskie Nos. 21 & 25
Yubari & HMS Royal Oak

by Slawomir Brzezinski
BS Firma Wydawniczo-Handlowa
Wyszkow 2000

by Bob Pearson


Two more of the excellent series of warship profiles in the Profile Morskie series have arrived on my shelves. These are on the Japanese Light Cruiser Yubari, and the British Battleship HMS Royal Oak. As with the Le Fantasque volume reviewed previously, these ones are in the new 6.5 x 9.5 size rather than the previous 8.5 x 12" format. One other noticeable change is the solid spine as opposed to the earlier stapled binding. The new size is easy to hold, and if the text was in English would be quite appreciated for bedtime reading. The downside of the new format is that the large foldout plans which were such a hallmark of the first 20 or so volumes are now on separate sheets .. BUT it should be mentioned that these are of a larger size than those in the old books, and they also contain a large colour profile sheet now.

Each 56 page book contains numerous photos (23 and 14 respectively). However the true value of the book is in its illustrations. . these are provided in 1/400 and 1/700 scales as well as enlargments of various details. Anything of interest to the ship modeler is shown in both scales. . superstructure, turrets, masts, smaller weapons, boats, vents ..etc. The rear cover has a colour profile of the ship in question.


Despite the Polish text (PLEASE ... translate to English), this series probably the best aimed at the warship modeler in any language for the price. The drawings are first rate offer a good source for anyone contemplating models of either of these ships.


I acquired my copies from Lubos Vinar of VAMP Mail Order. He doesn't list these in his catalog, but can special order them. Please note that this takes extra time from normal orders.

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