Warship Pictorial No.9: Yorktown Class Carriers

by Steve Wiper
Classic Warships Publishing
Tucson, Arizona
ISBN 0-9654829-8-7


by Bob Pearson



The most famous warships in the United States Navy after their entry into WW2 would have to be the three Yorktown Class aircraft carriers - Yorktown (CV-5), Enterprise (CV-6) and Hornet (CV-8). Steve Wiper presents each one in turn in this photo monograph. Each one is given a brief history (between 1-4 pages) before turning to a section of well-captioned photos – each of which is either full or half page in size. There is also a photo section on the aircraft types carried by the three.

For anyone contemplating a model of any of these ships this volume is recommended.

Thanks to Warshipbooks.com for the review sample

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