Walk Around Messerschmitt Bf110G

By Ron Mackay

Squadron/Signal Publications, 2000

ISBN 0-89747-420-1

80 pages

Reviewed By Michael Benolkin

It never ceases to amaze me with the material that Squadron obtains for publication. This 24th installment of the Walk Around series focuses on the Bf110G.

The book is an in-depth walk around of the only surviving example, located at the RAF Museum in Hendon, North London. Despite the focus on a single airframe, the RAF allowed the photographers to peek, prod and unbutton just about everything on the aircraft. I can only imagine how much correspondence and clearances were required to get permission to do this. Nonetheless, the result is a highly detailed look at the Bf110G, with loads of color photographs to compliment the black & white shots also taken at the museum or from the historical archives.

The nice part about this particular aircraft was that it was a radar-equipped night fighter, so you'll get a close up look at the black boxes that differentiated the radar fighters from other Bf110s.

Whether you're an aviation historian interested in Luftwaffe and/or night fighting history, or a modeler interested in accurate details (or both), you'll have to add this title to your shelf!

My sincere thanks to Squadron/Signal Publications for this review sample.

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