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This new section to Internet Modeler will contain corrections to past articles, general modeling announcements, and whatever else that comes in that doesn't fit anywhere else. If you have anything that would fit in here, please e-mail it to the publisher, Chris Banyai-Riepl.


May 2001 Issue - Al's Kit Corner: Blue Angels Tiger

"I believe they come as short-nosed Tigers (refueling probe in nose) rather than the long-nosed version. Also, the Tigers served for 11 seasons. I think they transitioned mid-season in 1957, and changed over to the F-4J for the 1969 season. The A-4 served from 1974 to 1986 (12 seasons), and of course the F-18s from 1987 to present (14 seasons and counting)."

Paul Boyer

March 2001 Issue - AMC 1/72 Bergepanzer Tiger SdKfz 185 In Box Review

I read your review of the AMC 1/72 "Bergetiger" kit. Unfortunately I believe you are perpetuating an error, namely that this vehicle is some sort of ARV. It cannot be a recovery vehicle. A few years ago I wrote an article discussing the application of this tank, and it can be seen at http://members.tripod.com/~fingolfen/tigh.html.

Gary Zimmer


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