Firing Line 1/76 Beaverette Mk.III
Point Defence Vehicle in Etched Brass and cast metal


By Bob Pearson


According to the instruction sheet the Beaverette was introduced after the Dunkirk evacuation, as an extemporized armoured car on a standard 14hp car chassis. Only with the Mk.III was proper armour plating introduced, and this version was used by both the RAF (for airfield protection), and by the British Army. It weighed in at 2.6 tons, had a speed of 24mph, and was armed with either a Bren gun or a Vickers K machine gun

The Kit

This interesting little kit is constructed almost entirely out of photo-etched brass, this is a David Parkins trademark, and for anyone contemplating the corvette detail sets, this might be a handy little test subject. Besides the PE sheet, there are also cast metal wheels and a few other details.

The PE is relief etched and scored where bends are to be made. It is probably a wise idea to brush up on soldering for this, although CA may be adequate.

Instructions consist of a four view drawing (not to scale) and an exploded drawing showing all parts. There are also detailed textual directions describing exactly how to go about construction.


A most intriguing construction method, which considering the angular lines of the original will most likely make into a quite unique model.

My sample was courtesy of DJ Parkins North American agent, Denis Keegan. As well as the Firing Line range, he also handles the Great Little Ships (corvette details) and Flightline (aircraft accessories) ranges.

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