OzMods 1/144 MiG-15UTI


By Bob Pearson


Arguably the most famous of the early jet fighters is the Soviet MiG-15. Less well-known is the two-seat trainer version, the MiG-15 UTI. Previously known for resin or vacform kits, OzMods has taken on this little aircraft in the popular scale of 1/144 for their first injection moulded kit.

The Kit

. . . is very tiny. Packaged within a ziplock baggie are three sprues comprising 24 injected pieces and two vacformed canopies. In common with other short run kits there will be some cleanup of the parts required.

As for the parts themselves: The two fuselage halves fit together well, with no misalignment apparent. Unlike almost every other 1/144 kit I have seen, there is a cockpit interior supplied, and the cockpit tub should block out the dreaded light showing through from the nose. The landing gear doors will need to be cut if a down position is desired. . or better yet replace with paper soaked in CA.

Instructions consist of an exploded view of the parts.

Decals are provided for Polish and North Vietnamese examples.


OzMods are to be congratulated for taking the plunge into injection and I look forward to future releases from them.

My thanks to Greg Anderson of OzMods for the review sample.

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