KIT NO. 6114
MSRP: $20.00

By Ray Mehlberger


Packed in a tray and lid type box, with a great Volstad cover painting, we are treated to another neat kit by DML.

The kit contains numerous gray plastic parts trees in four cello bags, instructions, and a small decal sheet.

Large letter "A" tree holds the Kettenkrad parts: sides, bottom, sponson tops, engine compartment lid, engine, dash panel etc. (22 parts here)

Three identical letter "B" trees hold the individual track links (and these are TINY). (144 total parts)

Two other identical trees are also labeled as letter "B". These hold the road wheels, drive sprockets, idler wheels, suspension arms etc. (48 total parts)

Tree "C" holds: the driver figure (in a Gerbirgsjager uniform), the front wheel of the Kettenkrad, front fender and fork unit, handle-bars, tools, driver's seat etc. (32 parts here)

The tree, shown as letter "D" on the parts drawings, has letter "C" on the actual tree and is out of DML's earlier release of the Puppchen. It holds all the parts for this weapon and its carraige. Strangely, DML has blued out the ammo cases and ammo on this tree on the parts drawings as being EXCESS and NOT USED!! I intend to put these in the back of the Kettenkrad. Otherwise, the weapon would have no ammo!! I don't know what DML was thinking?

The instructions are a six page foldout sheet.

Page one begins with a copy of the box art in black and white. This is followed by the parts tree drawings.

Page two begins with the international assembly symbol explanations, followed by the paint number chart. The bottom of the page gives us the first two steps of the assemblies.

Pages three through five give us the balance of a total of 15 assembly steps.

Page six is the painting and marking instructions.

Two marking schemes are provided on the decal sheet:

  • Falschirmjager Regiment 7, Tunisia 1941.

  • 1st Gerbirgsjager Division, Unknown Theatre, 1943.

Since the figure in the kit is in a Gerbirgsjager uniform, you will have to replace him with one in a Falschirmjager's uniform to do the Tunisia scheme.


This new kit puts the old Tamiya kit of the Kettenkrad to shame. But...hey...that kit is close to 30 years old now. It also make the Nitto one look sad too.

DML has announced another version of the Kettenkrad, for later release, that has ground cable laying equipment mounted on it. I plan to get that one too when it is released.

Highly recommended.

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