PART 1/72 WWI Photo-Etched detail sets


Two new WWI detail sets from PART have arrived this month. This time around we have their sets for the Mac Pfalz D.III/IIIa and the Roden Gotha. The Gotha in particular is a most spectacular set and will really dress up this much awaited kit.

Pfalz D.III/IIIa

Everything from cockpit frames to wing radiators, control horns, Spandau jackets etc are included on this set for the Mac Pfalz D.III. I trust that the parts can also be used in the other Pfalz D.III kits that are out there.

Gotha G.II/III


A kit that has been long been wished for is a 1/72 Gotha, last year Roden released one, and now PART has come through with a photo-etched detail set to dress up the Gotha G.II or G.III.

Take a look at the number of parts in the scans and you get an idea as to what they will look like when done. Where applicable the parts are relief etched.

A quick look shows that there are fuselage frames, control panel, wheels, bomb racks. However a neat idea, which I have yet to see tried, are the termination points for the interplane rigging (all those little thingies in the top scan). These are designed to fit beneath/above the strut and are then bent to the proper angle and rigging is affixed to them.

Also included is a sheet of film for the cockpit cellon panels and windscreen.

Detailed instructions are provide in the form of illustrations included. These are among the clearest I have yet seen.

My thanks to PART for the review samples. PART detail sets are available from JADAR Model.

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