JAS Jottings

The IPMS-UK SIG Quarterly Magazine of Japanese Aviation
Volume 7, Number 2
May 2001

Reviewed by Jim Schubert

I was made aware of the "JASIG" by a reference in an article in the IPMS-USA Japanese Information SIG Quarterly, Asahi Journal.  Peter Starkings who heads the JASIG  does an excellent job with this little journal and, unlike many SIGs, manages to stay close to his declared schedule.

The current issue of 30 pages plus four pages of color photos includes articles on:

Ohka (Baka) Models -11, -22, -33, -43, -53 and K-1
Asahi Shimbun Aircraft to 1941
JNAF Carrier Bomber Evolution
Allied Code Names for Japanese Army Aircraft
A to Z of Japanese Imported Aircraft - Part 8; Heinkel He.74b to Junkers k-53
Kit Comment
New Kits
Book Briefings

The lead article gives an overview of the Kamikaze program placing it in strategic and historical context; focusing on the Yokosuka MXY7 Navy Special Attacker - Ohka (Cherry Blossom).  The three production Models, -11, -22 and K-1 are described in detail along with the unbuilt Models -33, -43 and the radio controlled -53.  The pilot training program, using the two-seat glider Model K-1, is described along with tactical deployment.  Available kits are discussed and references are provided. 

In the interesting article on the Asahi Shimbun's (newspaper) aircraft, I thought I had caught Peter in an omission, but I was wrong.  The Lockheed Altair, c/n 213, I had in mind actually belonged to competitor Mainichi Shimbun.

The four loose pages of well printed color photos cover the Ohka Model 11 at Cosford and the K-1 and Model 22 at the NASM and a 48th scale model of a JAAF Primary Training Glider built by member John Wagstaff in response to the editor's challenge in Vol. 7, No. 1, for which John won a free year's membership.

Last year as a bonus for members, Peter issued a great 35 page Type-Special on the Zero.  This included nine pages of well-printed color.  I don't know if another Type-Special is planned for this year.

If you are interested in Japanese aircraft, and especially if you are a member of the IPMS-USA  Japanese Information SIG, you ought to join the JASIG.  To join for one year send US$13 in cash, or a check drawn on a US bank, to: Peter Starkings, High Lawn, High Close, Rawdon, Leeds LS19 6HF, England.  If you send a check, make it payable to Peter's son, Richard A. Starkings, who lives in the US.  Peter's e-mail address is:  stkngs@globalnet.co.uk.

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