Walkaround F-117A Nighthawk

By James Goodall

Squadron/Signal Publications, 2001

ISBN 0-89747-425-2

80 pages

Reviewed By Michael Benolkin

Squadron/Signal has released another great title - a complete Walkaround of the Lockheed F-117A Nighthawk. The author begins coverage with a brief background of Kelly Johnson and his infamous 'Skunk Works' along with two of their previous 'black' aircraft, the U-2 and SR-71.

The Nighthawk story continues with the Have Blue subscale manned prototypes that validated the faceted technique of radar cross-section reduction along with an assessment of the aerodynamic qualities of an aircraft with facets (or lack thereof).

The book is crammed with great color and black & white shots of virtually every detail of the F-117, along with color profiles to highlight the few non-all-black variations that briefly existed. This title also has a great look at the current weapons being integrated into the F-117A including the Joint Stand-Off Weapons (JSOW) and Joint Standoff Air-to-Surface Missile (JASSM).

I can easily recommend this title to any aviation enthusiast, contemporary military aviation historian and/or modeler with any of the variety of Nighthawk kits available on their shelves waiting to be built.

My sincere thanks to Squadron/Signal Publications for this review sample.

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