US Army Truck Tractors in Detail

Present Vehicle Line No. 3
F. Koran, J. Mostek, J. Spurny, M. Hraban & R. C. Foulks
Wings & Wheels Publications, 2001
ISBN 80-86416-08-9
Softbound, 108 Pages

Reviewed by Chris Banyai-Riepl

This book is subtitled "The Kings of Military Line Haulage" and it covers some big haulers of the US military. In these pages are photos of the M52A2, M818, M931, M939A1, M920, M915, M916, M931A1, M914A1, M123, M984A1 and M1070 trucks. In addition to the coverage of the trucks, there are several different trailers presented as well. While the book does cover a great number of vehicles, the photo coverage on each type is pretty good, with plenty of photos showing the insides of the cab, engine compartment, and other areas of interest for the modeler, like the chassis. All the photos are of current in-service vehicles, so they also are a good reference to show what weathers and how much. If you're into modern military vehicles, definitely check this book out.

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