CMK's 1/48 Aero L-39 Detail Sets

Set 4082: Interior Set &
Set 4084: Intake Set
For the MPM Kit

Reviewed by Chris Banyai-Riepl

The MPM Aero L-39 kit is a very nice kit on the surface, but it is really lacking in several areas. These two sets (plus another covering the wheel wells, not shown here) provide excellent details to fill in the weak spots.

The first set is for the cockpit, and it is a very complete replacement for the kit parts. There is a one-piece cockpit tub that has very nice detailing, right down to quilted sides on the consoles. Separate pieces form the sidewalls above the consoles, covering the rest of the main tub. Two seats are included and look decent by themselves, but once all the photoetched accessories are added they will truly stand out.

Other photoetch parts included are canopy frames to fit inside the kit's vacuformed canopy. These could be very tricky to apply to the rather flexible kit canopy, so I would suggest annealing (heating over a low flame) the frames first to make them easier to bend. Then start at the center and slowly work your way out towards the edges. This way if you end up with any overlap it's easier to trim off the bottom than have one side perfect and a huge overlap on the other.

Finally, you have the usual photoetch instrument panel with acetate, matching up to resin panels with more detail. Over all of this fits a one-piece canopy frame, with a separate hood for the rear instrument panel. All of the pieces in this set will make for a fun job in painting up, but once done it will result in an outstanding cockpit.

The second set takes care of a couple different areas. The main pieces provide a nice replacement for the air intakes and inner ducting, ending with a well-cast engine face. You get two intakes, separate splitter plates, and a one-piece inner section with the engine face, which might end up with a step or some careful filling work to smooth everything out on the inside. Test fitting will definitely be a must here.

Continuing on with the engine, the set also takes care of the end of the plane with a nicely cast exhaust tube and one-piece fairing. Also at the back end of the plane is a small hatch that you can open up if you wish. The final bits in this set are the wheels, nicely cast one-piece examples that are much better than the kit parts.

Both of these sets are excellent and are well worth the price, as the kit is really lacking in both of these areas (especially in the cockpit). With these sets you can quickly turn your L-39 into a showcase piece.

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