CMK's 1/48 Do 335 Engine Set

For the Tamiya Kit

Reviewed by Chris Banyai-Riepl

CMK has been doing quite a few interesting sets for Tamiya's Do 335 and this is one of their latest. This is a simple detail to add to the kit, involving minimal cutting. In fact, most of the time spent on this set will be in painting up the engine. A total of seven castings are included, with the largest piece being the one-piece engine. You also get two sets of exhaust stubs, the engine bearer arm, and the open hatch. This last item is really well cast, with excellent detail on both the outer and inner sides. The only part that isn't totally perfect is the scoop for the supercharger intake. Ideally this should be hollow but I can't figure out how they'd be able to cast that, so what they did is probably the best solution. Masochists can hollow it out if they want to.

The actual work involved in adding this set to your Tamiya kit is minimal, with only one panel to cut out. The engine section comes with a rear firewall that will mount up against the fuselage, making alignment a snap. This simple addition will add a lot of visual impact to your Do 335 for little expended effort.

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