Extratech 1/72 Armor Sets
For Attack Hobby Kits

By Chris Banyai-Riepl

72012: PzKpfw 38(t) Ausf. G
72018: PzKpfw 38(t) Ausf. C
72023: Munitionsfahrzeug 38(t)
72024: Aufklärungspanzer 140/1
72026: Grille Ausf. H

These sets are very similar to one another, just as the kits themselves are. The most important item in these sets that makes them worth the price are the replacement fenders. The kit fenders are way too thick, with the result that you can't fit the road wheels onto the chassis with the fenders in place. These replacements will take care of that problem nicely. The fenders include separate pieces for all the supports as well, so you will end up with a very nice looking fender assembly.

There are also idler and drive wheel faces included, which will help a bit with the somewhat soft detailing on these parts. Other details include teeth for the tracks, accessory boxes, tow hooks, and tools. The set for the Aufklärungspanzer has a couple extra pieces, most notably an etched brass machine gun and some extra box shapes.

The set for the Grille Ausf. H has quite a bit extra, mainly because of the large open structure on this vehicle. In fact, there are two frets of etched brass in this set. In addition to the common parts listed above, you also get lots of interior details such as seat backs, panels & hatches, boxes and other interior details. Combined with the kit parts, this set will really fill out that wide-open area.

All of these sets are really useful and the fenders are a must-have for anyone building the Attack Hobby Panzer 38(t) kits. If you've got one of these kits in the closet, or are thinking of picking one or two up, grab the appropriate Extratech set as well.

72027: Tatra 57K Kübelwagen

The Attack Hobby Tatra 57K Kübelwagen is a neat little kit of a fairly well-used vehicle during the Second World War, and even out of the box it should build up nicely. This set, though, will add greatly to this dimunitive model. You get a good selection of parts for this kit, many of which find their way into the interior. There is a three-part instrument cluster/dashboard assembly that will really look sharp when it's done. The seats have cushioning that are to be bent over the kit parts and will add a bit of crisp depth to those parts. The doors also get some heavy work, with interior and exterior panels that are designed to be glued together and replace the kit parts completely. Now you can open all four doors and have them look sharp as well.

Also on the outside is a replacement grill that is definitely better than the kit part, as well as new mirrors, front bumper, new license plates, replacement front windscreen & frame, new rear decking, and a shovel to strap on the side. All of this extra detailing will go a long ways to making your Tatra really look sharp. Now if I can only find enough information on how to convert this kit into the original two-seater sports car that it was based off of....

Ausf. G

Ausf. C



Grille Ausf. H

Tatra 57K

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