CMK's 1/35 Pz.Kpfw IV
Driver's Compartment Set

CMK3012 For the Tamiya Kit
Photoetch and Resin Parts

Tamiya's armor kits are very nice kits, but they can't touch the quality of cast resin for detail parts. This set fills up the driver's compartment very nicely. There are three bags of resin parts and one fret of photoetch. The compartment starts out with a one-piece floor that is designed to fit perfectly into the Tamiya kit. A transmission housing fits onto this and is completed with drive axles and instruments.

Steering clutches are also present and are very well cast. The control pedals are separate and are mounted onto a separate forward bulkhead. The driver's seat is very nicely molded and is made up of four pieces. The radio operator/gunner's seat is a bit simpler in construction but still very well detailed. Behind the driver's seat is an ammunition storage box, complete with many shells.

Other details in this set include radios, fire extinguishers, and a very nicely done and complicated MG 34 machine gun in a ball mount. No barrel is provided, so you'll want to save that from the kit parts.


In looking at the boxtop photos this set will really look awesome when finished. How much of it will actually be visible once the top hull is in place probably isn't going to be much, but if you open up all the hatches you should be able to see quite a bit and besides, you will know it's all there, right? If you're wanting to go that extra step on your next Panzer IV, definitely check this set out.

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