CMK's 1/72 A-1H Skyraider Details
Interior and Exterior Sets

For the Hasegawa Kit
CMK7048: Interior Set
CMK7049: Exterior Set

Hasegawa's 1/72 Skyraider is easily the best 1/72 Skyraider kit out there, but like all of Hasegawa's recent 1/72 releases, it is sorely lacking in the interior and in exterior accessories & options. While it seems that lavish attention is spent on their 1/48 releases (many with complete cockpits, separate control surfaces, and detailed engines), Hasegawa's 1/72 kits pretty much require you to purchase aftermarket sets to bring them up to the same standard other companies are at.

CMK has come out with a couple of sets to help bring the A-1 kit up to a decent standard. The first set covers the interior and provides a one-piece tub with sidewall detailing in the form of photoetch. The instrument panel is also photoetch, with the usual clear acetate instruments to rest behind it. A new seat and headrest cover round out the cockpit resin, with one other detail being provided. This piece requires to to cut a hole in the side of the fuselage and place this piece in. A new panel is provided as well as a piece to fair it in. Just a bit of added detailing to give you something a little different. A vacuformed canopy rounds out the set.

The second set covers the exterior and for this set you get all three dive brakes as separate parts, plus the requisite inserts for the wells. It also includes a pair of main wheels that are slightly bulged. This set, while offering a nice selection of well-cast resin, really isn't very useful, as the dive brakes generally weren't open on the ground. In fact, according to a guy I know who crewed on ADs, they generally tripped the breaker to prevent the brakes from opening up. However, if you want to position your A-1 in a dive with the brakes open, this set is ideal. The slightly bulged main wheels are also nice, especially if you're going to load down your SPAD (and why wouldn't you, since it just doesn't look right unless it's got every station filled!).


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