By Bob Pearson

Why do we do it?

Why do we build models? That is a question I am sure everyone out there has heard at some time or other. But why do we build? For some it is to have a collection of something that was significant in their lives, for others it is for the enjoyment of the building experience, some enjoy the finishing stage, whiule others may prefer to scratchbuild. In the end it is the ability to be creative and make use of ones energies in a form that produces tangible results. For myself I enjoy the actual building process, and find it very relaxing to be working on something. Hence my having many models underway at any one time, and not as many being completed.

The next question is "When do you find the time to build?". In my case the work area is off to the side of the living room, so whenever i get up from thee computer I can take a few steps to the model area and spend a few minutes on something. I find that while uploading articles for IM I can usually get a good deal done on the current project. In fact the last couple of kits have had a good deal of their work done while I was supposed to be doing something else. Another modeler gets up an hour or two earlier and does his modelling before he goes to work.

Then there is the question of AMS. Most are afflicted with this in some form or another. For me it is knowing that my skill level has taken me to the point where I can't bring myself to just build a model the way I could when I was ten. I have to fix this or correct that. However I am at the shallow end of the pool in this matter. If a kit looks like the subject to me, I am happy with it and damned if it is a scale inch out.

In the end we model because it is relaxing, produces something solid that we can admire, and it keeps us off the streets at night. Despite the initial cost of some kits, taken at amount spent vs. time spent it must be one of the cheapest hobbies around.

I think I have been sitting here long enough, time to stretch my legs and do something on the latest project.


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