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This new section to Internet Modeler will contain corrections to past articles, general modeling announcements, and whatever else that comes in that doesn't fit anywhere else. If you have anything that would fit in here, please e-mail it to the publisher, Chris Banyai-Riepl.


Autofest Announces Model Car Contest: September 29th & 30th in Downtown Evansville, IN. Register online at http://www.autofest.com. For more information please contact Joe Willett at (812) 401-4840.

Essential Pearl Harbor: Starting May 14, 2001 the Essential Pearl Harbor website will take a day-by-day view leading up to the attack on Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941.


April 2001 Issue - Czech master Resin 1/72 Hawker Nimrod Mk.I

In this review I said the fuselage was too short and the lower wing too long. I was wrong. Reader Paul Fontenoy kindly pointed this out in an e-mail to the editor. He is correct; the kit dimensions are accurate. Paul has done a lot of research on the Nimrod and has a fine, well illustrated, article in Mushroom Model Magazine, Volume 5, Number 2 on the Nimrod and I recommend it to you for further reading.

January 2001 Issue - Azur 1/72 Cierva C.30 Autogiro

In this review I said the Avro license built Cierva C.30s, known as Avro Rota Is, had one conventionally hinged door to the front cockpit on the left. I was wrong. I found on further study that the single door on the left of the Avro Rota's front pit was also a sliding "roll-top desk" style affair like the doors on both sides of the LeO built birds.

In this same review I listed only one reference. Subsequently the French magazine REPLIC has printed two articles in issue Number 113 for January 2001 on the Cierva with a full page of detail photos of the example in the RAF Museum at Hendon. These photos, taken with those in the previously referenced Volume 6, Issue 10 for October 2000 of the English Magazine Scale Aviation Modeller International, provide a pretty thorough "walk-around" of the Cierva Autogiro.


January 2001 Issue - MPM 1/72 Northrop X-4 Bantam: Addendum

In this review I said that none of my references showed the color scheme with the extensive red markings set out in the kit's painting guide. Seattle reader, and old friend, Norm Filer lent me an article from, he thinks, an old IPMS-USA Quarterly or Update that illustrates, with photos and drawings, two color schemes with a lot of red; one of them being the one used by MPM. This article also included a goodly number of detail photos of the X-4.

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