RVHP 1/72 Resin Breguet Br.16 Bn2


By Bob Pearson


Along with the Salmson 2A2, the Breguet Br14 was one of the two best French two-seater aircraft of the First World War. Therefore when the French Air Service was looking for a replacement for the obsolete Voisons currently being used for night bombing, Breguet took the Br.14 and enlarged it to become the Br.16. This entailed extending the wingspan to 16.96m from the 14.36m of the Br.14, as well as a new fin/rudder. The resulting medium bomber was able to carry 550kg of bombs as well as three machine guns. Top speed at sea level was 160 km/h, and a maximum height of 4,600m could be attained.

The BR.16 was first flown in June 1918 and after various faults were corrected the type was selected for series production, and around 200 were built, however none saw active service in WWI. Czechoslovakia purchased several Br.16s and a single example went to Portugal.

The Kit

The Czech firm of RVHP has been making a name for itself with their well designed kits of relatively unknown aircraft of the WWI era, and this is no exception. In fact I would say that this kit has the nicest fuselage detail of any resin kit I have seen to date. The kit consists of 35 resin pieces, two white metal u/c struts, three lengths of brass aerofoil shaped strut material, decals and a piece of clear plastic for construction of the side view panel and windscreens.

Starting with the fuselage, it has nicely cast stringer and louvre detail. The inside is hollowed out and accessable from the bottom. There is a separate piece to cover the entire lower fuselage, and test fitting of this and the lower wing show the fit to be fine with perhaps just a touch of filler needed at the front of the wing/fuselage join. Interior detail includes: floor, seat, two control columns and rudder bars. There is also an external generator and propellor to be mounted on the fuselage side. The radiator will need to have the rear cut down to fit flush to the front of the fuselage.

The wings are dead straight with thin trailing edges and subtle wing rib details. Tail surfaces and ailerons are in the same condition.

Rounding out the contents are the decals for a/c 9586, one of two tested by GB.1, with French roundels for four positions. The instructions include two exploded drawings showing part location and a four-view 1/72 drawing of the aircraft with cross-hatched colour details.


Another well-crafted kit from RVHP, which I recommend to anyone with experience in resin kits. . or perhaps even to those who want to try a resin kit, the fit is that good. To the best of my knowledge the only reference on the Br.16 is the FMP French volume which includes photos of six of these aircraft - one of which is 9856.

My thanks to Lubos Vinar of VAMP Mail Order for the review sample.


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