Black Box 1/32 A-10 Cockpit Set

By Michael Benolkin


Black Box has been turning out some outstanding cockpit detail sets for over two years now. This latest offering is a detail set to replace the lackluster cockpit in the otherwise great Trumpeter 1/32 A-10A Thunderbolt II kit.

The Set

As usual, the set begins with a completely new cockpit tub with beautifully detailed side consoles. Next come the left and right sidewalls which detail the otherwise bare plastic sidewalls. The instrument panel, center console, HUD, rudder pedals, stick and throttle round out the tub. Next comes the beautiful ACES II ejection seat, with the distinctive harness and belts molded in place. A normal set would be complete at this point, but Black Box (thankfully) went one step further - they provided a detailed rear deck, complete with the unique canopy actuator mechanism.


Black Box has developed another winner. I've heard some comments about the lack of detail on the back of the ejection seat, but I'd like to know how they'd be able to see that detail after the seat in installed in the aircraft. Nevertheless, this new cockpit will improve the beautiful Trumpeter kit and provide an eye-catching office that any self-respecting pilot would want to work in.

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