Mitsubishi Ki-46 Dinah

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Guildhall Leisure, ©2000
32 Pages, Softbound

Reviewed by Chris Banyai-Riepl

The Mistubishi Ki-46 was probably the most famous Japanese reconnaissance aircraft of World War Two, and luckily there is one surviving to this day.† Itís been fully restored and is on exhibit at Cosford, England.† This book takes a photo tour of this plane, looking in every nook and cranny.† While this plane is a restored example and the colors perhaps arenít as accurate as new research might show, the photos do an excellent job of depicting the details, allowing you superdetail your Tamiya 1/48 kit or your Hasegawa (or LS/Arii) 1/72 kit.

The book starts out with a short overview of the different Ki-46 variants, then it dives right into the plane, starting with the cockpit and moving through the interior and on to the exterior, with over 100 photos presented.† Almost all are fully captioned (only the ones on the cover lack text) and do an excellent job of describing what youíre looking at.

With only one Ki-46 in existence, this is likely to be the best photo reference for this plane out there.† If youíre thinking of adding a Dinah to your shelves, definitely look this book up.

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