Spitfire Special

Aircraft Modeller International
Apple Tree Print, 1999
ISSN 1369-4294
60 Pages, Softbound

Reviewed by Chris Banyai-Riepl

Want to build a model of a Spitfire in 1/48? Better get this book then. This title starts out with a listing of all available 1/48 Spitfire kits, then moves into a brief study of the differences between the marks and a chart outlining the different wheel hub styles, then jumps right into the kit builds. Starting with the prototype and ending with the Seafire, this book presents build-up articles and conversion articles that would allow you to have a very impressive collection of this Famous Supermarine fighter.

Here's a listing of all the construction articles, with what kits they used:

  • K5054 Prototype (heavily converted Tamiya Mk.I & Tamiya kit with Paragon Conversion)

  • 616 Squadron Spits: Mk. I & Mk. II (Tamiya); Mk. Vb (Tamiya); Mk. Va (Tamiya converted); Mk. IIb (Tamiya converted); Mk. VI (Hasegawa); Mk. VII (Hasegawa/Otaki kitbash)

  • Star & Bar Spits: Mk. Vb (Hasegawa); Mk. VIII (Otaki); PR. Mk. XI (Otaki modified)

  • SEAC Spitfires: Mk. VIII (Otaki); Mk. XIV (Academy); FR. Mk. XIVe (Academy)

  • Spitfires Down Under: Mk. Vc (Tamiya, Hasegawa); Mk. VIII (Otaki)

  • Seafires: Mk. Ib (Airfix); Mk. IIc (Tamiya kitbash); Mk. III (Tamiya kitbash); Mk. XV (Hobbycraft); Mk. 17 (Airfix/Hobbycraft kitbash); Mk. 45 (Airfix/Academy kitbash); FR. 47 (Airfix)

  • First of the Griffons: Mk. XII (Hobbycraft kitbash)

  • Stopgap Thoroughbred: Mk. IX (Otaki)

In addition to these build articles there are plenty of appropriate drawings throughout the publication, as well as a nice article on speculative Spitfire schemes. This book should give you plenty of Spitfire inspiration.

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