Tamiya CD-ROM Reference Library

By Michael Benolkin


A few months ago, I spotted these boxes at a bookstore in England. They contained references for the North American P-51 Mustang, Messerschmitt Bf109 and Supermarine Spitfire. What really attracted my attention was that they were published by Tamiya. Being the skeptic, I figured they were nothing more than redundant references and moved along.

A few weeks ago, they showed up in the US. One of the hobby shops that I frequent had the unfortunate capability to demonstrate these CD-ROMs on their computer. The next thing I knew, these discs were following me home (honest sweetie!).

Tamiya's Reference Series

What Tamiya has compiled is a fresh look at modeling references. This is interactive computing at its finest. In all three cases, Tamiya has compiled a HUGE amount of useful information and bound it together with an interesting (though sometimes frustrating) user interface. In each title, you get:

  • Color profiles of each camouflage scheme used

  • Color perpectives as how a given color looked on the aircraft

  • Color profiles of historically significant aircraft

  • Detailed histories of the aircraft

  • Virtual walkarounds of the aircraft

  • 360 degree panoramic views of the cockpits (!!!!)

  • Outstanding videos of the aircraft (if you have a good sound system on your computer, you'll want to watch (listen to) the Spitfire takeoffs and landings. There are a few dozen Spits featured and listening to those Merlins and Griffons is enough to get you headed to the workbench).

  • And much, much more!

NOTE: You'll want a computer with at least 333 MHz under the hood as the videos and virtual images will get jerky with less power.


Danger Will Robinson! This is going to be a dangerous time at the hobby shop. At between $45-$50 USD per copy, these will add up fast. From what I understand, there are more titles forthcoming.

For you treadheads out there, you're not off the hook. Released simultaneously with the three aircraft CD-ROMs were three armor titles: Tiger I, Sherman & T-34. The only reason I didn't have these for the review was I couldn't afford the resulting divorce!

These are HIGHLY recommended!

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