Cobra Company 1/48 New Releases

By Michael Benolkin

Detail Sets

Cobra Company has released a pair of new 1/48 detail sets:

48024 MH-53J Pave Low

You may have seen an earlier version of this set. This was developed by Cobra Company for release under the High Flight product line, but after High Flight ceased operations, the folks at Cobra were able to retrieve these molds. Since then, they've added some new details to bring the set up to current Pave Low configuration. The set is comprised of over 40 parts, which convert the Revell 1/48 CH-53 kit into the unique Pave Low special operations configuration. As you can see in the photo, a new nose, a pair of external fuel tanks, and a variety of bumps and antennas to round out the set.

48025 F-16 Aggressor ALQ-188 Pod

If you've been an F-16 fan for long, you've seen the strange looking pod carried by the 57th Wing aggressor aircraft at Nellis AFB, NV. This is the ALQ-188 electronic countermeasures pod used to simulate adversary countermeasures against US weapons systems. Also included in the set are a pair of Pave Penny pods and the EW antennas that are mounted on the leading edge of the wings on later-block F-16s.


These sets add even more diversity in Cobra Company's current line-up and provide us with even more possibilities for unique aircraft to model. As is the norm for Cobra products, the resin is free of bubbles and other annoyances. If you have basic skills in working with resin parts, you will have no problems with either set.

My sincere thanks to Cobra Company ( for this review sample!

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