MASP Decals 1/144 737-200 "Frontier Cougar"

By Chris Banyai-Riepl

MASP Decals is a relatively new decal company and they have exploded onto the airliner decal scene. This recent release is for the Airfix 1/144 737-200 kit and features markings for one of the more interesting US operators, Frontier. Frontier's current livery has a fairly basic color scheme, with the fuselage being overall white. The airliner name is large on the forward fuselage, but what really sets their planes apart are the animal photos on the tails of their fleet. Each plane has a different type of animal, from polar bear to mountain goat. This particular release features the cougar tail found on N234TR. The decal sheet also provides two sets of the fuselage logos, one to fit around the windows should you opt for clear windows, and the other solid for use with the decal window strips, which are also provided. The decals are printed on a laser printer, so you'll have to trim them closely to limit the amount of clear film. Overall this is a very nicely done decal sheet of a very colorful airliner, and the complete set of Frontier tails should make for a nice collection.

My thanks to MASP for the review sample. Check out their website for a complete listing of all the Frontier 737 sheets as well as many other outstanding airliner decals.

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