CMK's 1/35 LVTP 5A1 "Merry Christmas"

Set #3014 for the AFV Club Kit

Here's a very interesting resin set! This particular LVTP 5A1 was dressed up for Christmas in Vietnam, being painted white and having Santa and his reindeer perched on top. This conversion set provides almost everything you need to make this particular vehicle. You get four reindeer and the sides of the sled. You'll have to make the rest of the sled up, though, and the instructions provide clear notes on what you'll need to provide. The arms for the reindeer to go on are provided in the form of plastic square stock, with specific dimensions given in the instructions. The only other piece you'll have to add is the cloud underneath the sled and the gold thread around the reindeer's necks (holding the bells on). The Santa figure is very well done, although the head looks a bit small to me.

The set wouldn't be complete without the markings, and this set comes with a very nice decal sheet, providing all the Christmasy stuff on the sides of the vehicle. The decals are well printed and feel very thin. The thinness of the decals might be a problem with opacity, but since they're going down over a white model, that shouldn't be an issue.


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