Roseplane/Roseparts 1/48 & 1/72 Resin Detail Sets

by Bob Pearson

Some new releases by Roseplane/Rosemont are the following items in 1/48 and 1/72 scale. All are replacement parts for various WW1 aircraft. The casting is exceptional on all, and is among the nicest to be seen anywhere.

My thanks to Barry Stettler of Rosemont Hobby Shop (home of Roseplane/Roseparts) for the review samples


This 1/72 detail set is designed for the Revell (or ESCI) SE5a kit. It includes a new fuselage with separate exhaust, a new radiator as well as bottom panel. The early type steel tube undercariage struts are also provided. Now all that is needed is a decent Hisso-powered SE5a. . or SE5 conversion.

Fokker F.I Conversion

Designed for the DML Fokker Dr.I, this 1/48 set includes a new tailplane, ailerons and cowl. A nice touch is the inclusion of serial numbers for all three F.Is as well as Voss' cowl markings. . all that is needed is to decide if it is olive or yellow.

Fokker F.I Update

For those who purchased the new 1/72 Eduard Fokker F.I, this set has a new top wing as well as tailplane and cowl.

Nieuport 28 Cowl

For all of those 1/72 Revell Nieuport 28s out there, this is new cowl with the correct section and louvres included.

Browning/Marlin Machine Guns

Fitted to a few USAS aircraft, the Browning/Marlins also saw use by the Russians. This 1/72 set will spruce up that Il'ya laying around.

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