HR Models 1/48 Resin Pfalz E.I

by Bob Pearson


Prior to the start of the First World War, Pfalz acquired the licence to build the French Morane-Saulnier monoplanes, and consequently the first Pfalz designs were based on the Moranes. The E.I was basically the M-S H with a Maxim gun added. Performance was inferior to the Fokker Eindecker, and production was stopped after 45 examples.

The Kit

The kit consists of 29 resin, six photo-etched and one film part. The resin is typical HR with nice casting and detail. The only complaint I can see is that the wing ribs were made by wrapping styrene around the wings, and left over the leading edges .. this is easily fixed by sanding though.

Instructions consist of a single exploded drawing showing parts placement. The other side of the sheet has side view drawings of the Pfalz monoplane line and brief description of each.

A small fret of photo-etch is included with prop boss, seat belts, instrument panel and foot rests.

A really nice decal sheet is included with markings for many different E types, although only one is for an E.I - E.I 479/15. The colours of the Pfalz Eindeckers are striking and consist of overall white with black nose and trim.


The Pfalz E.I looks to be an easy build and would probably serve as a good introduction to resin WWI kits.

My thanks to Lubos Vinar for the review sample.

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