HR Models 1/48 Resin Pfalz E.VI

by Bob Pearson


The final Pfalz monoplane fighter was the E.VI. It was basically an improved E.II with a new rudder and only two sets of bracing wires instead of three. 20 aircraft were built in order to keep the Pfalz factory solvent.

All of the Pfalz monoplanes suffered from poor construction and in August 1916 they were withdrawn from frontline service and ordered to be cannibalized for parts. Pfalz then began construction of licence built Roland arcraft .. the construction methods of which led to the Pfalz D.III in 1917.

The Kit

Although at first look the E.VI kit appears to be a reboxing of the E.I (or vice-versa), this is not the case as the E.VI is clearly a new kit with a different wing, engine and rudder. Other than that the comments for the parts in E.I kit apply.

Markings for the E.VI on the box top show a one-off handpainted lozenge scheme, however no decals for this are included and will need to be replicated in the same fashion as per the original .. hand painting !!!! Decals are provided for two aircraft E.VI 276/16 and 613/15.


The Pfalz E.VI looks to be an easy build and if done up in its lozenge scheme will be a most interesting addition to any collection.

My thanks to Lubos Vinar for the review sample.

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