by Ray Mehlberger

MSRP: $15.00

History: (taken from the instruction sheet)

"After the success of assault detachments, (Strosstrupps), of Verdun in 1916, the German High Command saw to the formation of a Sturmcompanie for each regiment in the division. By 1918, these units formed the backbone of the German army, and had expanded into Sturmbattallione, comprised of four assault companies, an infantry gun battery, a light trench mortar detachment, and a machine-gun company."

Ever since I purchased the Tauro brand and Emhar Brand kits of WWI armor, I have always wished that someone would do some WWI action figures. Japanese Armor King/New Resin has come to my rescue. They produce no less than 22 different figures in their German WWI resin kit line. A figure of a dead British soldier is also offered as kit no.21 with more British figures in the works to come later.

What is in the Cello Bag?:

The sample I received is No. 12. It comes in a cello bag. This figure is divided into seven parts, his torso and leg section, head (with helmet and gas mask molded in), individual arms, a small canister, Shovel and bayonette combination, and a holster for his broom-handled mauser (which is molded into his right hand).

The figure is molded in Japanese Armor King's usual chalk white resin. There is some wafer thin flash to remove here and there and the usual pour gates.

There is no painting instructions on the small instruction sheet that gives us an exploded drawing of the figure to go by for assembly. So dig out the reference books.


If you have waited, like I have, for some action figures to do a WWI diorama scene, this new series of figures will be right up your alley. I look forward to more of the British guys.

Recommended to those modelers familiar with resin assembly.

I want to thank Ted Dyer of Armor Model King/New Resin for this review sample.

Ted only deals direct, from his web site at:

The snail mail address for him is:

Ted Dyer Inc.
New Resin
P.O. Box 1030
Roslyn, PA 19001


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