JAS Jottings

The Quarterly Magazine of Japanese Aviation SIG of IPMS-UK
Vol. 7, No. 4, November 2001

Reviewed by Jim Schubert

The one-man-band beats on and the tune gets better and better.  This 31-page issue features a long article that has been needed since WWII, on Japanese aero engines 1910-1945.  How many of your engine reference books have anything on Japanese aero engines?  None - I'll bet.  Being an old engine man myself, I really enjoyed and appreciated this in-depth feature and will be referring to it often in the future.

The featured airplane type for this issue is the Yokosuka P1Y1 Ginga (Milky Way), Allied code name - "Francis".  This article comprises seven A4 pages of text and black and white drawings plus three pages of really good color photos of the Francis preserved in the NASM's Garber Facility in Suitland, Maryland.

The continuing series on aircraft imported into Japan, this issue covers Messerschmitt through Northrop.  Another interesting article introduced me to the stillborn Mitsubishi Ki.97 transport version of "Peggy", of which I had been unaware.  A page of notes suggests how you might model this Japanese "Projekt".

A listing of Japanese aircraft not coded by the allies, kit comments, decal reviews, book reviews and members info update complete this typically absorbing and informative issue of JAS Jottings. 

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