Gulf Panther CD-ROM

MiliPics Military Vehicle Pictures
MiliPics/Trevalan Photography, ©2001

Reviewed by Chris Banyai-Riepl

Finding references for that next great project can be difficult at times, even more so if you're wanting to superdetail or scratchbuild. Often times photos in print publications are too small to be of use. MiliPics has an answer for armor modelers out there. Their series of CD-ROM titles cover a wide variety of subjects, and the list is growing constantly. This latest example covers the Gulf War Panther, based off of a Landrover chassis.

So what's on the CD? Pictures, and lots of them. The CD comes with a total of 50 images, walking around one of the several ex-service Landrover 110s that was sold off to the general public. While some of the pieces were removed prior to being sold publicly, the majority of the vehicle is as it was in 1990 when it participated in SAS commando missions in Iraq. While the vehicle's exact missions will likely never be known, with this reference it's now possible to build a model of this modified Landrover.

Viewing the material is easy as well. On a PC the CD will automatically load up, revealing a page with an introduction and five sections. Clicking on the section links will take you to several photos, all of which are captioned and provide lots of additional information. The thumbnails provide links to larger images, allowing you to see details that are likely never to appear in print. Although I was told that the CD doesn't work on a Mac, the only real feature that doesn't work is the autorun bit, so if you've got a Mac and need Panther details, you can view the same thing PC users do by simply opening the Home.htm file in the Gulf Panther folder.

After seeing this CD-ROM I know that I'll be checking the MiliPics website every time I start an armor project. The amount of information present makes this an inexpensive reference that is invaluable to the superdetailer.

My thanks to MiliPics for the review sample.

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