By Ray Mehlberger

MSRP: $20.00

There are numerous, after-market, decal sheets available to us modelers for German WWII armor kits. U.S. and some Russian markings are also around. These come in both water-slide and dry transfer (rub-on) type decals. However, this has got to be the first time I have seen a after-market sheet for Japanese WWII armor....and it is a doozer!!

Printed primarily in white, with a few markings in red, this is a very comprehensive and thorough sheet of armor markings.

The sheet comes packaged in a self-sealing cello bag. An explanation sheet, telling us modelers what outfits the markings are for and the time frame of where and when they were used is included. This sheet also gives us a short history of the evolution of Japanese armor markings and the reverse side of the sheet shows us some marking examples of Japanese tanks.

A second, smaller sheet, gives us the application instructions for how to apply the decals.

The decal sheet is devided into 20 groupings. These groupings are markings for:

1, 1st Tank Regiment - Manchuria 1937, Malaysia 1941.
2. 7th Tank Regiment - Philippines 1941-45
3.General patriotic symbols.
4. Chiba Army Tank School.
5. 9th Tank Regiment - Saipan 1944
6. 11th Tank Regiment - Kuriles 1945
7. 13th Tank Regiment - Northern China 1937-45
8. 5th Tank Regiment - Manchuria 1937-45
9. 16th Reconnaissance Regiment - Luzon Island, Philippines 1941-45
10. 3rd Company, 2nd Reconnaissance Regiment - Burma, India 1941-45
11. 2nd Company, 39th Tank Regiment (no year given)
12. 14th Infantry Division Tank Company - Peleliu 1944
13. 10th Tank Regiment - Manchuria 1937-41, Luzon Island, Philippines 1941-45
14. Army vehicle identification hull numbers.
15. License plate identification numbers.
16. Special Naval Landing Force vehicles insignias (anchors).
17. Navy vehicle identification numbers.
18. Navy vehicle national insignia (large Japanese sun-burst flags for turret...these are HANDED...for left and right sides)
19. Navy vehicle national insignia (small Japanese sun-burst flags for hull...also HANDED)
20. Army vehicle national insignia (Japanese flags without the rays)

This decal sheet will allow the modeler to give the markings on his Japanese armor that "Painted on" look. Many models can be done from this sheet, which makes the price worth it.

Highly recommended.

I want to thank Ted Dyer of Armor Model King/New Resin for this review sample.

Ted only deals direct, from his web site at:

The snail mail address for him is:

Ted Dyer Inc.
New Resin
P.O. Box 1030
Roslyn, PA 19001


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