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By Michael Benolkin

From Badger:

D3000 Air compressor with tank - List price $335.00

This oilless diaphragm compressor is a tank-mounted unit, designed for compactness and portability. The sturdy air tank stores reserve air volume and eliminates pulsation. Air pressure in the tank is regulated with an automatic on/off limit switch to a maximum of 40 P.S.I. The unit has a five foot grounded 3-wire cord. The compressor features a 1/8 HP motor, which operates on 115 volts, 1 Phase, 60 cycles and draws .8 Amps.

D500SR Air compressor w/ regulator and moisture trap - List price $220.00

Features 2.6 C.F.M. (Free Air). Economical and suitable for All airbrushes spraying properly thinned fluids. It is capable of delivering 35 to 40 P.S.I. operating pressure and delivers .5 C.F.M @ 20 P.S.I. The Paasche D500SR is an oilless diaphragm unit and comes with a grounded six foot long cord. The R-75 regulator will regulate up to 30 P.S.I. depending on usage and size of airbrush being used.

From MPM:

IMAM Ro 37

1/72 Scale

Cat. # A020

Marking and decals for two Italian aircraft; PUR detailed cooler; photo etched parts; vacu formed canopy

Lockheed TR-1

1/72 Scale

Cat. # SH72024

Marking and decals for three USAF aircraft; PUR detailed cockpit interior & wheel wells; vacu formed canopy

Fairey Battle TTMk.X

1/72 Scale

Cat. # 72097

Marking and decals for two British aircraft; PUR detailed cockpit interior; injected canopy

Albatros L-39C

1/48 Scale

Cat. #48051

Marking and decals for four Czech aircraft; PUR detailed set; vacu formed canopy

Messerschmitt Me264

1/72 Scale

Cat. #SH72025

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