US Heavy Cruisers in Action, Part 2 by Al Adcock

Squadron/Signal Publications, 2001, 50 pages

By Michael Benolkin

Part 2 of US Heavy Cruisers in Action picks up the story with the Wichita Class cruiser that was launched in 1937 and was actually a one-of-a-kind Brooklyn light cruiser with 8 inch guns.

The coverage continues with in-depth coverage of the versatile Baltimore Class and its single-stack variant, the Oregon City Class. The Alaska Class Cruiser is also covered, being the US answer to the German heavy battlecruisers. The Alaskas were armed with 12 inch guns!

The Boston and Albany Classes were post-war modifications of the Baltimore Class cruisers, transforming them into guided missile cruisers with improved sensors and weaponry. Coverage ends in this part with the Northampton Class which started out as a Baltimore Class cruiser that was cancelled after the end of WW2 after being only 60% complete. Construction resumed in 1948 transforming this hull into the first dedicated command and control vessel.

This title is a must for the naval historian and the naval modeler alike. Our sincere thanks to Squadron/Signal Publications for this review sample.

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