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Lockheed 10, 12 and Sid Cotton's Air Force:     

By Jim Schubert

Further to the editor's First Look review of Special Hobby's Lockheed 10 and mine of their Lockheed 12, be advised the August 2001 issue of Aeroplane magazine from the UK, $5.95 at good news stands, has a large triple feature on the two Lockheeds and on Sidney Cotton's audacious use of 12s in pre and early WWII aerial spying.  The 14 page 'DATABASE" feature on the Lockheeds includes many photos useful to modelers, a fine 3-view of the L-10 and an equally nice cutaway drawing of the L-12.  The six-page article on Sid Cotton clears up some of the L-12 colors and markings confusion in Special Hobby's instructions and in my review.

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