HR Model 1/72 Resin Nakajima J.S.S.F.1

By Bob Pearson


During 1930, Nakajimi license built two Bristol Bulldogs with modified fuel tanks, undercarriage and tailplanes. No.701 had individual fairings for each engine cylinderm while No.702 had a Townsend cowl and streamlined fairings for the undercarriage. Although not proceeded with into production, they did offer Japanese designers expereince in modern aircraft.

The Kit

Cast in the usual tan resin, the kit has the expected parts breakdown for a biplane kit. The fuselage has nice stringer detail on the aft fuselage, and recessed panel lines on the front. A modicum of interior detail is provided in the form of seat, control column, rudder pedals and seatbelt.

Those afflicted with AMS may find that the wings and tail surfaces will benefit from a sanding on the underside of their trailing edges to reduce the thickness. Otherwise the only thing with the wings is the interplane struts have a tie bar on top reminiscent of the Revell Sopwith Camel, and will require a little work with a knife and filler to remove and fill in.

The cowl fairings are individually cast and as such limit this aircraft to the first protoype, No.701.

Instructions consist of an exploded drawings showing part location and there is also a three view drawing.

Decals are provided for both No.701 and No.702


For fans of 1930s aircraft, the Nakajima JSSF (Japanese Single-Seat Fighter) will be a welcome addition in a not so common set of markings.

There have been grumblings about some of the small resin companies not having the quality of the leaders in the field. To my mind this criticism is unwarranted, for the price these kits offer excellent value and will build into a decent representation of the original. If desired, they offer the determined modeller with an excellent starting point to go overboard on detailing.

My thanks to Lubos Vinar of VAMP Mail Order for the review sample.

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