RVHP 1/72 Resin Aviatik 30.24 Triplane

By Bob Pearson


An Aviatik proposal for a two-seat triplane was rejected, but work on a single seat version was allowed to proceed based on a standard Aviatik D.I fuselage and tailplane with a new wing cellule. Four prototypes were ordered and the first, 30.24, was tested in October 1917. Its performance was less than that of a similarly powered, standard D.I fitted with a 185hp Daimler engine. It was then re-engined with a 200hp Daimler and twin machine guns, however little improvement was noted, and it was then relegated to test status. The other three aircraft were completed, then disassembled and accepted in October 1918. The 30.24 was last heard of when it was offered to the Czech government in 1920.

The Kit

The 30.24 is beautifully cast. This time around they have the fuselage cast in two halves rather than a solid piece with a recess for the cockpit. In addition, some cleanup of the fuselage will be required. The wings are very thin with nicely done ribs, and the upper wing features washout to the ailerons. Tail surfaces are also well done. In fact, all parts look acceptable and should go together with little bother.

As well as the resin parts, there is also brass Strutz material and a piece of cellon for the windscreen

Instructions consist of a three-view drawing and an exploded assembly drawing.

Decals are provided on two identical sheets and are for the the sole example - 30.24.


To my mind RVHP has joined the ranks of the top producers of short-run resin kits of esoteric WWI aircraft, both in subjects chosen, and in the quality of their work - I could find but one pinhole void, and that was in the rear cockpit bulkhead.

I look forward to seeing what else Robert Vele comes up with next – the Armstrong-Whitworth Quadraplane would be nice.

My thanks to Lubos Vinar of VAMP Mail Order for the review sample

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