RVHP 1/72 Resin Avro 621 Tutor

By Bob Pearson


As I know little about this type, and the historical overview with the kit is in Czech, here is what I can glean from it.

1929 . .. powered by the Hawker Siddeley Mongoose and later the Lynx IVC. .. RAF trainer 1939. Licence built in Czechoslovakia with the Avia RK-17 engine

The Kit

All detail is very crisp and understated so no additional prep work will be needed to build it OOB. The fuselage is in a single piece with the cockpits open from the bottom. The Lower wing has the bottom of the fuselage moulded in place and fits into this opening. The wings themselves have very thin trailing edges and there are recessed inspection panels on both wings and leading edge slats on the upperwing. Struts are provided in both resin and also as brass Strutz material

Decals are provided for K-6118 of No.310 (Czech) Squadron of the RAF in 1941.

Instructions consist of a four-view drawings and an exploded drawing


WWII and a biplane. .. wonder where it would go in a contest? About all I can say is it is another beautiful kit from Robert Vele.

My thanks to Lubos Vinar of VAMP Mail Order for the review sample

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