Rosemont 1/72 Resin SPAD A.2

By Bob Pearson


See previous review.

Rather than give the usual description of the parts, I shall say that the entire thing is beautiful, and just concentrate on how it is different from the Omega kit in layout. I'll let Matt deal with overall accuracy (note that Roseplane says that their kit disagrees with some published drawings, but agrees with the published dimensions).

The Kit

The fuselage is in two pieces (as is the nacelle) with no internal detail in place. The detail parts provided for the interior of the fuselage and nacelle are more comprehensive than those in the Omega kit, those for the nacelle particularily so. The grill effect on the nacelle is better on the Roseplane kit.

The wings have raised ribs.

The engine is cast in one piece and all struts and engine supports are in resin.

No photoetch is included

Instructions are an exploded views and there is also a 1/72 drawing showing two marking options.

Decals are provided for the a pair of IRAS SPADs, one from the XIXth Corps Detachment with the white skull and crossbones on the rudder, and the other S.79 of an unknown unit.


Another winner from Roseplane. Watch for a full build article in a coming issue.

My thanks to Barry Stettler of Rosemont Hobbies for the review sample

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