SRAM 1/144 resin
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Salmson-Moineau S.M.1


By Bob Pearson


Two additions to SRAM's growing line of 1/144 kits are the infamous British BE2e, and the little known French S.M.1.

The BE2e has gained a reputation over the years as an inferior machine that was "Fokker Fodder" and the cause of many men going to an early grave. However this reputation is undeserved as the BE line were well designed and constructed FOR WHAT THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO DO, and that was to be a stable flying platform. Unfortunately, combat flying required an unstable aircraft that was capable of being thrown around the sky, and the poor BE just was not up to the challenge. Rather than condemn the aircraft, perhaps the practice of sending men to fight in a machine not designed for the task should be examined instead.

The S.M.1 is a unique aircraft in many ways. The most noticable of which is the engine/propellor layout. A quick glance would lead one to think it is a twin engined aircraft. Not so, rather there is a single radial engine mounted SIDEWAYS inside the fuselage and connected to two propellors by a complicated system of gears and shafts. The S.M.1 was a three-seater designed for long range reconnaisance, and as such was issued in small numbers to 11 different escadrilles. By August 1917 there were 32 of them at the front, and the final one was there until April 1918. A total of around 100 were built.

The Kits

Both kits are well moulded with nice thin wings and subtle rib detail, but the Salmson has voids on the wings andtail that will need to be filled in. A neat feature with the SM1 is the inclusion of three figures. these are of two standing and one seated figure, and will be a boon to any of these kits.

No decals are included and the only instructions are actual size three view drawings


I like these kits and would recommend them to those wanting to build a collection that will not take up much room. Thanks to Lubos Vinar of VAMP Mail Order for the review samples

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