Revell's 1/25 Badman II
Classic '55 Chevy

By Chris Banyai-Riepl


Tom Daniel is a well known name amongst car enthusiasts and his association with Revell-Monogram has resulted in some of the most interesting car models out there.  Daniel's Badman II is a modified '55 Chevy Street Machine with a bright yellow paint scheme and red windows, and it's a slight modification of Badman I, originally designed during the hey-days of Daniel's creative years at Monogram.


The Kit

Want some weight on your shelves?  Get this kit.  The metal body adds quite a bit of heft to this model, and the pre-painted scheme is very well done.  The body already has the red windows in place, although you may want to paint the headliner up.  This will mean some creative masking on your part, as you can't remove the glass easily.  The body comes complete with all the chrome parts such as the bumper & taillights attached, as well as the large front ramp.  The hood is separate, allowing you to show off the detailed engine.

Speaking of which, the engine is a nice addition, with fourteen pieces in that assembly alone.  The only thing you'll need to add will be the plug wires.  This level of detail continues through the rest of the kit as well.  The chassis is molded as one piece, with separate parts for the rear suspension & drivetrain and a slightly more complex front suspension.  Both axles are provided as metal rods for added strength, and the wheels are chrome with vinyl tires.  Since this is a car designed for extremely fast acceleration down the quarter mile, the back end has a pair of wheelie bars  to keep it from flipping over. 

Moving to the insides, the interior tub comes with separate side panels, while the rear bench is molded in.  The front bench seat comes with a separate front and rear sections.  There's a tonneau cover to fit over the rear bench, with a roll bar going through that.  The dashboard has had the instrument cluster area pre-painted, and the part includes all the appropriate pedals.  A separate steering column & steering wheel rounds out the interior.

Moving in front of the interior, the engine compartment comes with a separate firewall, to which fits the battery and master cylinder.  The radiator core fits onto the front of the interior tub, and with the big block engine the space under the hood will really look packed.  With the headers running off the engine, the only bit of detail that you'll have to add will be the water hoses off of the radiator.


The combination of pre-painted parts and regular parts provide an excellent cross-over kit for those modelers just starting out in the hobby, with a bit more work needed than a snap-together kit, but the end result will still look quite nice.

Our thanks to Revell-Monogram for the review sample.

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