F-86D/L Sabre Dog Colors & Markings

By Chris Banyai-Riepl

Reviewed by Michael Benolkin


The long-awaited release of the Revell-Monogram & Revell/Germany 1/48 F-86D Sabre Dog finally arrived! With the arrival of the kit came the realization that there wasn't much in the way of color references for the kit. The F-86D/K/L monograph published by Steve Ginther provided much of the details into the aircraft and the differences depicted between the Revell-Monogram and Revell/Germany versions. The only problem is that the Ginther publication is completely in black & white.

Our own Chris Banyai-Riepl has come to the rescue with his first CD-ROM-based aircraft reference, focused on the F-86D and F-86L versions of the aircraft. The contents of the CD-ROM are formatted to work with your internet browser and viewed like any other web page (only faster as it is coming from your CD-ROM drive, not your modem).

This reference covers Sabre Dogs in USAF service, ANG service, and in service with various air forces around the world. Each USAF and ANG page covers the operations of the F-86D/L by squadron, with a brief operational history followed by color profiles of the colors and markings carried by that unit. In some cases there are multiple profiles for a given unit to cover the evolution of that squadron's distinctive unit markings.

In international service, this reference covers the Sabre Dogs by nation, with a summary of service and a series of profiles illustrating the markings and/or camouflage applied to these aircraft.

The reference is rounded out by a photo walk-around of a museum Sabre Dog, giving a good color perspective to those B&W photos that you might have in your own references.


This is a good first release of what will hopefully become a series of color references. The only enhancement that I'd like to see is four-view color profiles of each aircraft, as a minimum by nationality, to illustrate national marking placement, significant maintenance stenciling and other details common to that nation. Likewise (and especially) for camouflaged aircraft.

If you're wanting to build your Sabre Dog in markings other than out of the box and/or from the mainstream aftermarket companies, this reference will help. If you are equipped with the tools to print your own decals (thank you Alps!), the profiles and squadron crests contained on this CD-ROM will render you a definite eye-catcher!

Available direct from the publisher. For more information, visit the F-86D/L Colors & Markings CD-ROM Website.

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