WWI Aero The Journal Of The Early Aeroplane, No. 173, August 2001

Skyways The Journal Of The Airplane 1920-1940, No. 59, July 2001

Reviewed by Jim Schubert

These journals were last reviewed here in March of this year.  Due to inattention, poor organization of my time and general laziness, I missed reviewing WWI Aero No. 172 of May and Skyways No. 58 of April.  So, we'll try to get back on track with the current releases.

The latest 144 page WWI Aero contains, as usual, another great, eclectic, offering of early aviation history and information.  Subjects featured in this issue include:  Gustave Whitehead (Weisskopf); Gustave Tweer - Pt. 2; The Sturtevant Aeroplane Co.; Preserving the Standard J-1; Unknown Liberty Engines; American Airpower Doctrine - Pt. 2; Drawings of:  Fokker Spinne, Pegoud Bleriot XI, Morgan Mountaineer, Spad XI; Burgess Hydroaeroplane, Vindobona, Albatros D.III, SSW D.IV and many random photos.  Regular features include:  Models, Letters, Historiography, Publication Reviews;,Identification X and Wants & Disposals.

The new Skyways of 80 pages features articles on:  Vultee P-66 Vanguard (in great depth); Paramount Aircraft Corp. with details of their pretty little two-place side-by-side Sportster on floats; Curtiss-Wright CW-15 Cockpit; Macchi M.39 Schneider Racer (in great depth) and a Pratt & Whitney Field Service Representative's report on a visit to NYRBA Airline.  Regular features include:  ID Unk, Reproductions and Restorations, Letters, Models, Board Member Profile, Wants & Disposals and Publications Reviews.

I strongly recommend these two fine journals to modelers, historians, collectors, restorers and builders.  They are full of the esoteric arcana of aviation that so delights one.

Each journal is published quarterly and costs $30 in North America and $35 overseas for surface mail (add $30 for overseas airmail) per year for four issues.  Address:  World War 1 Aeroplanes, Inc., 15 Crescent Road, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601, USA; phone: 1-845-473-3679.

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